Scottish Weaver and Author

exhibition of weaving work by Lynn Gray Ross at the Arran Library, Brodick

February 1 - February 27, 2018

Lovely feedback in an email to my son Simon:

“Yes please do tell your mum how much I enjoyed her work. I particularly enjoyed the driftwood weaving , and the attention given to the colours and texture of places in the other pieces too. It’s as though some thing of the soul of the places are woven into the pieces , and it’s a quiet and lovely thing to observe that . It’s a beautiful way to capture something of the land and sea , something that we experience in the light and texture and try so hard to express to others but often words elude us . Also it took me back to doing simple weavings at Jordan’s Steiner School. I remember doing one of sun rising, and enjoying the patience it took to do it , the slowing down.”


Formerly a Lobster Pot - Handspun wool & silk

“Handweaving: The Basics 2014”

Bloomsbury Press available from

Handweaving the Basics

Pearls and Oysters Creative Thoughts and Observations


Lawrence MacBride: Life of an Arran Fisherman 1990

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