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Presentation Prayer Stole

Prayer Stole1

The prayer stole was woven in 1985 for presentation to Emiliano Castro, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches based in Geneva. He was a Methodist minister from Uruguay who had been unable to visit his native country since 1972 due to the political situation there. He was visiting Scotland to speak at a conference in Edinburgh.

It is woven in white to symbolize the Resurrection with Monk’s Belt weave to form the crosse in white handspun linen from Sweden. There are occasional shots of white silk worked across the row in Soumak technique to add texture and sheen. I chose the white silk because it comes from China. The warp is cotton from the renovated Styal Mill in Cheshire, symbolic of the UK, America and India .

The white linen for the Monk’s Belt pattern represents the clerical garb of the early Celtic monks in Scotland and Ireland.

Road to King’s Cave, Isle of Arran, 2003

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writer and storyteller

Handweaving the Basics


After Iceland1

Lawrence McBride: Life of an Arran Fisherman, 1983

McBride Gansey1

Based on interviews with one of Arran’s last remaining herring fisherman

This story inspired the pattens which are available on the website for The Arran Knitting Company.

Lynn’s weavings are on the Gallery page to inspire you. You can read the thoughts and ideas that went into each work, combining Lynn’s textile techniques with inspiration from her travels and the Isle of Arran where she lives.