Rainbow Tartan1

Hand Weaving: The Basics by Lynn Gray Ross (

Handweaving Basics 2


Eriskay Croft 1938

from the SCRAN collection - Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network who also have a collection from “Arran Textiles” which we put together for them in 1996 or thereabouts.

A Little Weather

Lovely video about the spiritual aspects of spinning and weaving.

Secrets of the Ice - The Lendbreen Tunic

Story of the discovery of a perfectly preserved woven tunic in Norway, found in melting ice. The film also shows the process of the reproduction of the garment.

Painting with Soil

Wonderful video about the colours available from Mud and Soil

Yarns - all tried and tested by LGR

Di Gilpin

New Lanark Mill

Countess Ablaze

Loop Knitting

Jamieson & Smith Shetland Wool


Charity and second hand shops

Your own neighbourhood

Ask your pupils or students to ask around and see who knits, crochets or weaves in the family —it’s amazing what they find and what the find out about the people around them in the process.

This often leads to the other kind of “yarns” or stories which you discover by this simple request.

Other Like-Minded Textile Artists

Sally Hands, Swansea


Laura Lauragais, Berlin, Germany


Arlene Thayer, Pennsylvania, USA