Back From Iceland


I’ve had the idea for awhile to weave the pattern formed when the waves ripple along the edge of the beach - looking like the cables from The Arran Sweater.

I sketched this one day about six years ago when I came home from a walk on Brodick beach.

It was November and I had been in Northern Iceland for a week working on a European exchange project.
It was so stark and cold there and dark most of the day.

I wrote in my diary “… walked on the beach with the dog today. It was so beautiful.

We were followed along the beach by a seal not 20 feet from shore, coming as close as he dared to communicate with us.
The mountains were covered in snow and the sky was a beautiful red colour. I felt grounded and happy to be here for now.

The energy on Arran is much clearer than in Iceland, easier for me to relate to and feel comfortable with, even when it’s stormy.”