Weaving Equipment

The Equipment

To get started, all you need are simple frames. These can be picture frames with flat headed nails hammered in every half inch (1.25 cm) along the top and bottom to provide tension for the strings.

Ready made looms are available from a number of suppliers which you can find on our Resources page.

Weaving on a simple frame loom introduces the concepts of

  • design
  • colour
  • form
  • texture

in a very tactile way.

The techniques can be adapted for a variety of age groups and skills.

Weaving can be used to introduce other subjects in the curriculum such as

social studies

history and culture.

We can learn about the past by looking at how people used the raw materials from the surrounding environment and turned them into woven articles to keep them warm or cool and to decorate their surroundings.

For example, weaving can be used to teach concepts of



making it possible for pupils who might have difficulty with numerical skills to learn through practical application.

You can find an example of how weaving can be used comprehensively as a focus for creative learning on our website page which was worked out in consultation with primary teachers and headteachers on the Isle of Arran.

Weaving in the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence